WATCH IT                HEART IT  

Differentiate your visuals.

Bring depth to your visuals using ready to use high quality cinematic sounds.

  • 140 Designed Samples – Mixed and mastered professionally
  • 8 Categories ( Cinematic Vocals, Organic Drums, Distorted Synths, Atmospheric Guitars, Melodic Textures, Downers, Risers and Whooshes )
  • Variations  (Loops and Hits)
  • High Quality Wave Files : 48kHz –  16Bit
  • Royalty Free

All sounds come in WAV format and are compatible with any major editing platform, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve and more.

  $120 $79 

High Quality Sound Design in Minutes.


AURORA’s toolkit features a series of corresponding loops and textures designed to fit one another seamlessly. The audio material featured within the AURORA library totals to the equivalent of an impressive 50 songs of material that creators can use again and again in an endless variety of musical combinations within their videos. As more and more independent creators take to video formats for their projects, high-quality audio creation kits like AURORA stand to save content creators the steep costs and significant stresses of licensing music.

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