Use these cinematic power down sounds to bring dimension to your video edits. Add them to your slow motion shots to accentuate camera movements.



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Breaking the rhythm : Power Downs (also known as Downers or Sub Drops) are very popular in Hollywood movie trailers. They’re great sounds to disrupt the rhythm, and surprise the audience. Ideal to emphasize a disaster shot, or to accentuate the punchline of a joke (Marvel style).

Slow Motion : As time slows, pitches get lower. So it’s only natural that speed ramps and downers work perfectly together. 

Accentuating your camera movement : You can switch between different music in your edits. The drops don’t have a tempo or key center, so it naturally resets the brain for the next part.

Less Is More : For maximum impact, we recommend placing the sub drops at the end of a musical section. Also try to have as little layer on top of it, so the bass is the clear center of attention.

Add Weight : In some cases, hits or whooshes are missing some low frequencies. You can add weight by layering a very quiet power down under it. The audience might not hear it, but they’ll definitely feel it.

Complex Risers : This is a more recent trend, but when risers are isolated in a cut (with no music on top), you’ll often hear a downer descending as the riser ascends. That technique is called “contrary motion”. It’s pretty common in medieval choir piece, rock music, and now sound design!

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